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Sube INC/Satya



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Empress: Within each of us, the power to create and nurture our dreams to fruition resides. When the Empress Tarot appears in the Tarot deck, she represents intuition, maternal influence, new life and creative endeavors. This 18kt gold plate necklace is graced with the Empress Tarot and accented with moonstone and white topaz, stones of intuition and creativity - an invitation to tap into our power to manifest the life we imagine.

High priestess: Our innate wisdom is as mysterious as it is powerful; we only need to be still long enough to hear its wisdom. When the High Priestess - a Major Arcana in most Tarot decks - appears upright, she represents intuition, mystery and sensuality and signifies that now is the time to listen to our inner voice. This 18kt gold plate necklace is graced with the High Priestess and accented with white topaz, stone of individuality, creativity and awareness - an invitation to follow the truth that is waiting to be heard.

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